A Historic Journey From Tea Cultivation To Adding A Dash Of Gujjuness

According to research, about 72% of Indians drinks Cha regularly.

But here’s a surprise… (are you ready for “Na Hoy” moment?) World’s 2nd most popular non-alcoholic drink and GujaraTea’s beloved Cha was firstly discovered in China!

Yes, our OG stress buster is not INDIAN!

Today we are taking a heritage walk in the world of tea. The itineraries will help you discover how Indians found their love at first sip and how GujaraTea added their Gujjuness to cha!

In case, if you feel you are running out of energy during this heritage walk, don’t hesitate to stop and sip your cha in-between!

The first stop is CHAina

According to the legends, somewhere around 2750 BC. A Chinese emperor Shen Nung accidentally discovered tea leaves while sitting under a wild tree. The leaves fell into his pot while he was boiling his drinking water. To his surprise, the water had flavours and upon further experimentation they also discovered medicinal properties.

And over a period of time China had created its monopoly over tea.

The second stop is full of ups and downs as we’re entering the British Raj

Building railway tracks is the second-best thing that they have done for India.

The first is introducing tea to us in the 19th century!

In order to break China’s tea monopoly, Sir Joseph Banks- a botanist, suggested that tea cultivation should carry out in India. After a little experimentation and decades later, they finally found the gold mine of tea in Assam in 1780.

The final stop is our Vibrant Gujarat

Gujarat played an important role in tea export because of the strategic locations of Surat’s and Bhavnagar’s ports. These ports not only help India economically but also help India to gain a dynamic position in world trade. (When it comes to business, no one can beat a GujaraTEA).

But you know, us GujaraTeas like to add a pinch of Gujjuness in everything we do! Be it modern day Khakhra Pizza or our favourite cha- we always make it ours.

The boring and bitter taste of Indian Tea met the spices and masala of GujaraTEA and that’s how Masala Tea was born! That fresh juice of Adark, a pinch of Ilachi, and many other ingredients changed the game of Cha, all over India. And yes, it was done by none other than GujaraTeas.

Cha became an integral part of Indian culture, including Gujarat. While in all states, the culture has embraced tea as a popular beverage consumed in homes, restaurants, and tea stalls across cities and towns. But in Gujarat it has become a symbol of hospitality in radiating through its culture, often served to guests as a gesture of welcome and warmth.

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