Tulsi Tea: Proud GujaraTEA, Pride of Gujaratis!

We aspire to transcend the boundaries of a mere beverage, aiming to become an integral part of everyone’s daily rhythm. We envision ourselves as a companion – from the dawn of ideas to the dusk of decisions, celebrating successes, and comforting solitude. Tulsi tea delicately intertwines into the bitter-sweet symphony of existence.

Beyond the celebrations, it stands as a testament to life’s complexities, infusing its nuanced bitterness into the fabric of daily rhythm. Tulsi tea doesn’t just accompany the highs; it gracefully navigates the lows, transforming adversity into a blend of strength and acceptance with each sip

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Spreading the GujaraTEA Culture, Wordwide!

Our mission is to be synonymous with the GujaraTEA way of life; infusing the taste of “Kadak GujaraTEA” in every sip of Tulsi Tea. We aim to become the kadak chai of warmth and hospitality for everyone and anyone. We take uttermost pride in been GujaraTea and we want to spread the vibrant colours of GujaraTEA culture and rich heritage with every blend that we innovate for Tulsi Tea.

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Building a communiTEA, Brewing Kadak Connections!

We brew more than just tea; we create moments of warmth, laughter, love and build genuine kadak connections. Every sip of Tulsi Tea is a warm hug; a reminder to embrace the beauty of a joyful life that comes with the simple act of sharing a steamy cup of tea.

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The Tea Wizards

G.M. Tea Packers Pvt. Ltd. was founded by Gordhanbhai Kathrotiya and Haresh Kathrotiya. Bringing their entrepreneurial skills, commitment, and astuteness to the ore, they have been guiding their team, working day in and out to realize a dream. To their range of skills, they have added the human element that has proved critical to the success of Tulsi Tea, a proud offering of G.M. Tea Packers Pvt. Ltd.

Both, the production teams at the plant at Bavla and the strong sales teams in the marketplace have gained tremendously from the high ethical standards and a sense of customer orientation that has been institutionalized in the company under the able leadership of the Kathrotiya duos.

The Making of GujaraTea

The organization boasts a cutting-edge, fully operational facility situated in Bavla, within the Ahmedabad district. Our state-of-the-art blending plant is a testament to innovation, featuring fully enclosed, multistage automatic cleaning machines that ensure consistent and high-quality blending. At our packing station, we employ a precise weighing system. Every operation is free of human touch!

With a substantial annual capacity of 180 lakh kg, our plant is geared towards facilitating prompt and efficient deliveries. Stringent inspection and verification processes for tea leaves are in place to ensure compliance with the highest industry standards.

Clean Energy

In our commitment to sustainability, we have installed solar panels on the roof of our plant, generating 99.6 kWh of clean electricity. This substantial clean energy source fulfills over 75% of our plant’s electricity needs, underscoring our dedication to reducing environmental impact.

Offering QualiTea

Our state-of-the-art laboratory plays a pivotal role in discerning the extraordinary from the merely good leaves. Spearheading the quality assurance process is our CMD, who leverages his extensive expertise acquired over many years, actively participating in the meticulous quality checks that culminate in the final selection.

We exclusively utilize food-grade, solvent-free packing materials, underscoring our commitment to quality and safety.

GujaraTea Network

In the vibrant state of Gujarat, our expansive network is dedicated solely to serving the region, boasting an impressive presence with over 80,000 retail touchpoints strategically spread across the landscape. We have forged partnerships with more than 400 distributors, ensuring efficient distribution channels that span across 200+ tehsils.

Complementing our extensive retail network, we have deployed a dynamic sales team comprising over 100 professionals who operate on the ground, establishing meaningful connections and fostering strong relationships.

Tulsi Initiatives

YUVA's Unstoppable Campaign

In rural India, where clean toilets are a luxury, Tulsi’s initiative emphasizing on public-private partnerships addresses the dire need for sanitation. The Tulsi Team installed exclusive wash facilities and drinking and dishwashing areas for students, fostering safety and participation. The school transformation program stands out, enhancing student health and hygiene through improved wash facilities.

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