A Journey From Assam To Becoming A Kadak GujaraTEA

Being a GujaraTea is all about Cha, Charcha and having some more Cha throughout the day. The morning starts with Cha and Thepla, the afternoon slumber is beaten by a steamy cup and the night ends with the family having tea together.

But ever wonder where and how the favourite beverage of GujaraTEAs is coming from and how is it made?

If the answer is no, keep reading because we are about to spill the tea!

Somewhere between the tallest mountains of Aasam and our handpicked tea gardens from the same city, where the air is filled with the aroma of blossoming tea leaves, a remarkable journey begins. A journey that gives a Kadak start every day; the journey of fusing GujaraTEA flavours and culture in every cup and each sip of Tulsi Tea.

There is a saying in Gujarati “ફક્ત એક ઝવેરી જ હીરાને પરખી શકે છે.” Meaning only a jeweller can testify a diamond. And like a jeweller, we identify the best amongst the best tea leaves to ensure that each batch has a particular taste, flavour, aroma, and colour, because being a GujaraTEA is all about consistency and commitment to deliver qualiTEA.

Next is sorting, where each leaf is examined and separated based on their nuances, grades, appearance, and type. These leaves then move on to the next stage of blending, where we infuse innovation and technology with dash of GujaraTEAness to create a Kadak blend for Tulsi Tea consumers.

But the journey doesn’t end there…

Before we deliver Tulsi Tea to your doorsteps, each curated blend goes through strict quality check and once it’s given a Kadak signal, our fully automated state-of-the-art infrastructure packs Tulsi Tea to preserve the freshness.

And the last, but crucial part of this journey is being a part of your everyday life through a cup of tea. Be it a celebration or moments of solitude; being a GujaraTEA is always about building family-like bonds wherever we go. We share our culture when we offer a cup of tea. And by presenting each Tulsi Tea product, we are building such bonds that spread the GujaraTEA Rang across the heart of the nation.

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