Tulsi Tea- The Sip Of Calmness

GujaraTeas are a hardworking bunch of humans. We are constantly juggling between business, work and family responsibilities.  Our never-say-never attitude helps us fight against all the odds.

But there are times when we need a Kadak push to keep going regardless of the stressful day. That’s where our OG stress buster comes in -Tulsi Cha!

How in the world can a cup of Tulsi cha help someone to sip their worry away, you ask?

Cha is an art; it is science and everything in between.  And since you are looking for answers to how GujaraTea people drink Cha and keep calm every day!

Well, here is the tea and the science behind it!

Tulsi cha leaves are packed with a punch that keeps stress army way. All thanks to this magical amino acid called L-theanine.  This amino acid is the coolest in its family. In other words, is much like our very TulsiBen – The super chill and sassy aunt who is calm and collected yet isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

When you are overwhelmed or stressed, your brainwaves are a little all over the place. And that’s when TulsiBen with her quick wit releases alpha waves to make your brain feel relaxed.

But wait, there is more tea (Such a GujaraTea thing!)

Tulsi Tea is loaded with antioxidants. Think of it as an army defending your wellness. The army is trained to kill stress and stop inflammation from entering your body.

That’s the science behind it. But it is also the art of marking cha for yourself that helps you relax. The refreshing smell, the sound of tea filling up, that perfect eye-soothing colour inside the cup, the warm hug from of your favourite mug, and finally the Kadak sips.

It feels like someone has hit a pause button and now you have the time to enjoy these little moments of life that we often miss out on.

So next time you feel like you cannot handle the stress, help yourself with a calming cup of Tulsi Cha.

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